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Home Office Leader

  • Any person in an executive management position whose primary responsibility is to lead the corporation’s field leaders and sales force recruiting, training and development programs such as a Chief Agency Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Distribution Officer, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Recruiting Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Training Officer or Chief Underwriting Officer.

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Field Leader

  • Any person whose primary responsibility is to provide strategic leadership and operational management of a financial services firm or agency, such as an Agency Director, Agency/Branch/Unit Manager, Agency Office Manager, General Agent, Managing Partner or Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction.

  • Any person whose primary responsibility is to recruit, select, train, supervise, or coach financial services advisors, such as an Agency/Firm Owner, Agent Supervisor, Managing Director or Sales Manager.

  • Any noncommissioned specialist who plays a critical role in field leadership teams, such as a Compliance Officer, Equity Specialist, Marketing Director, Recruiter, Sales Support Specialists or Trainers.

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