Frequently Asked Questions

1. Award eligibility

Who is eligible to apply?

All 2022 MDRT Global Services pilot members are eligible to apply for a 2023 MDRT Culture of Excellence Award.

Can a direct manager and an upline manager both qualify for an award?

Yes, the direct manager could qualify based on the data from all the agents they supervise directly. The upline manager could qualify based on the data from all the teams that report to them (i.e., the agents they directly supervise and all the direct managers that report to them).

2. What is the application fee?

This year, there is no application fee for the 2023 MDRT Culture of Excellence Award. This is because award criteria are based on 2022 data achieved during the complimentary Global Services pilot program.

3. What are the three award levels?

Members will be awarded based on the following:

  • Gold Agency: three out of six criteria met

  • Platinum Agency: four out of six criteria met

  • Diamond Agency: five out of six criteria met

4. Production Criteria

What revenue counts toward the production criteria?
  • Production numbers must come from MDRT-eligible production paid to the agency. It can include commission, premium or Gross Dealer Concession.

  • Agency production must be reported in the same form. For example, when comparing 2021 production to 2022, production for both years must be expressed as either commission, premium or Gross Dealer Concession but cannot be a combination of any two.

What is the MDRT Conversion Factor?

The MDRT Conversion Factor is a calculation used to standardize numbers during MDRT processing. It is calculated and updated annually. The MDRT Conversion Factor has no relationship to currency exchange rates.

What timeframes do the production numbers cover?

January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022 numbers should be compared to the January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 timeframe. There must be a 25% increase year over year.

5. Retention Criteria

I have the same number of agents that I started with, but they’re not the same people. Does that still qualify?

No, this does not qualify for the award. At least 75% of the agents in your agency must be the same agents you started the year with.

I’ve lost some of my agents because of spin-offs. Can they still be included in my retention numbers?

Yes, any agents who are still with the company but moved into another agency due to spin-off may be counted toward a leader’s retention rate.

6. Recruitment Criteria

What timeframe does the recruitment criteria cover?

The award criteria look at end-of-calendar year numbers for the recruitment data. For this year’s awards, please take the number of total agents at the end of 2021 and compare them with the number of total agents at the end of 2022. If you have a 20% increase, you meet this requirement.

I’m in a country/market where recruitment and/or the size of the agency is limited. Can you waive this criterion for my agency?

Global Services recognizes not all agencies want to or are able to recruit a 20% increase in agents. Therefore, you can still receive a top award by achieving five out of the six award criteria.

7. Persistency Criteria

Our company uses a timeframe different than the 13th month. Can we use our company's calculation?

No, for consistency of our award qualifications and qualifiers, we follow the 13th month timeframe.

8. Company Verification Form

Where do I find the company verification form?

You can access the verification form here.

What does my certifying officer need to verify?

Your company official needs to confirm the production, recruitment, retention and persistency numbers included on your application.

Is this form required?

Yes, to successfully complete an award application, you must have a company official verify you have met the production, recruitment, retention or persistency criteria stated in your application.

  • To apply for an award, you must meet a minimum of three of the award criteria. This requires applicants to qualify for at least one of these criteria (production, recruitment, retention or persistency) which is why this form must be completed with every application.

9. Whole Person Criteria

How many Global Services webcasts took place in 2022?

There were seven webcasts in 2022. They can be found here.

  1. Recruit, train and retain

  2. The resilient workplace

  3. How to give difficult feedback

  4. From TikTok to talking tips

  5. Step-by-step guide to a new advisor’s first year

  6. How to get advisors to buy into radical change

  7. 3 strategies for better agency management

What were the assigned 2022 Harvard ManageMentor modules?

Goal Setting and Leading People were both opened in 2022.

For the service project, I volunteered on my own. It wasn’t a team activity. Does that meet this requirement?

No, to meet the Whole Person criteria, the volunteer activity must be an agencywide endeavor.

I think I’ve responded to all the surveys. Is Global Services able to verify this?

Yes, Global Services will review all applications to verify this criterion has been met.

10. Membership Criteria

In what countries/markets is the MDRT Academy currently available?

United States; Canada; Hong Kong, China; Malaysia; Singapore; India; Philippines; United Kingdom; Australia; New Zealand; Jamaica, Vietnam; and Indonesia.

I do not live in one of the 13 countries/markets where the MDRT Academy is available. Do I satisfy the criteria if 100% of my agents who met the 2022 MDRT production requirements are 2022 MDRT members?

Yes, that satisfies the requirement.

11. What happens after submitting my application?

  • You will see a confirmation screen and will receive a confirmation email. All applications will undergo a thorough review and verification process. Every applicant will be informed by April 28, 2023, whether or not they have earned an award.

  • 2023 award winners will receive an award certificate and digital badge to recognize their achievements.

  • Award winners will be honored at an award ceremony at the 2023 MDRT Annual Meeting or the 2023 MDRT Global Conference.

    • As a reminder, you must be a 2023 Global Services member to be eligible to register for either the 2023 Annual Meeting or 2023 Global Conference.

12. What if I win an award, but I’m not a 2023 Global Services member? Can I still attend the award ceremony at one of the MDRT meetings?

No, the award ceremonies will only be open to 2023 Global Services members. (A great reason to join!)

13. I am a company contact and would like to submit an award application(s) on behalf of my leader(s). Is this possible?

Yes, please reach out to us at, so we can set you up with the proper access and provide information on next steps.